Crestwood Christian Church Child Care



Mission Statement

Crestwood is a Christian community which respects and values the cultural and economic diversity of children and their families. We recognize children as individuals with dignity, worth and uniqueness, who will develop socially, cognitively, physically and emotionally through the guidance of a caring and loving group of staff and teachers in a healthy, safe environment.

We believe the parent is the child’s first teacher and is therefore worthy of respect and inclusion.  We recognize that children are self-motivated learners and that play, both inside and outside, is an important vehicle for their development.

CRESTWOOD CHRISTIAN CHURCH CHILDCARE CENTER is a non-profit center organized by the church in 1985.  It was organized as a service project to meet the needs of early childhood education in our community.  The Childcare center operates under a standing committee of the church, referred to as the Childcare Council.

CRESTWOOD strives to meet the following goals:

1. To develop in each child, a love for oneself and those around him/her.

2. To develop in each child a positive self concept so that one sees oneself as a worthy         individual.

3. To provide quality care to meet the individual needs of each child by treating each child as an individual.

4. To provide each child with opportunities for creative expression through, language, music, large and small muscle activities, art and dramatic play.

5. To provide each child with opportunities for the development of basic learning skills.

6. To develop in each child a curiosity for the world and an enthusiasm for learning.

7. To provide opportunity for the child to develop and grow physically through rest, nutritionally appropriate food and a safe environment in which to learn and play.

8. To help each child develop a satisfying social relationship with both children and adults.

9. To encourage parents to be aware of behavior expectancies of their child’s age group.                             10.To encourage parent participation in all phases of the center.


Tuition Rates

$ 200 per week for 1 child in our Beginner, Crawlers and Walkers Class 

$ 165 Discovery Class

$ 155 per week for 1 child in our Jump Start and K-4 Classes

$ 65  per week for 1 child in our after-school program 

$145  per week (full time care) school age

$  17  per day for 1 child in our after-school program that comes for a full day when school is out

$  50  per child registration fee (registration fees are non-refundable)

$  10_ per each returned  NSF Check 

There is a $5 sibling discount for each additional full-time child.  Registration fees must accompany the application when enrolling.  

Our Classrooms

Classroom          Max # of Students          Teacher/Child Ratio  (State, Crestwood)

Beginners                8                                              1:5, 1:4

Crawlers                  8                                              1:5, 1:4

Walkers                   10                                            1:6, 1:5

Discovery                18                                            1:10, 1:9

Jump Start              22                                            1:12, 1:11

PreK Cubs/Bears   24                                            1:14, 1:13

Explorers                15                                            1:15, 1:15

Rockets                   15                                            1:25, 1:15

Jets                          15                                             1:25, 1:15

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Crestwood Christian Childcare Center

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