November  - Read, Talk, Play With John Archambault.  John is the co-author of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom - A podcast on the importance of reading, talking and playing with children.  

December 19 - How To Be An Effective Advocate - Learn tips on being an effective advocate for your business and the families/children you serve. 

January 31 - Tips For Hiring and Motivating Staff - In this session learn tips on hiring staff and retaining staff.

February 28 - ZOOM Role Play - In this session, we will be using Facebook Live and integrating ZOOM to do a role play activity with members.  

March 29 - Trauma and Its Impact on Kids - Learn how trauma impacts kids and how to best teach children who have experienced trauma. 

April 30 - Legislative Overview and All You Need to Know - Learn what changed during the legislative session that might impact your business.